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A massive disappointment - our Kyrgyzstan ibex trophies get destroyed!
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We hunted late last year in the Tian Shan for ibex, booked through WTO and AMO. Due to various admin and miscommunication issues we could not take the skulls / horns with us at the end of the hunt as planned and agreed, as the PH / outfitter could not get the paperwork sorted. At additional expense to us (shared by AMO at USD 500/- each) Ruslan, the outfitter, sent the trophies 6 weeks later, to us in Duesseldorf using Turkish Airlines. Seemed pricy at USD 1.000/- for a 20 kg shipment but there we go.

We lost a 4 week battle with the German State Vets Office to have the trophies cleared in Duesseldorf and in the end the office inspected the trophies and declared them unfit for importation and 'to be destroyed' (at a cost to us of EUR 875,-). They stated in their report that the trophies were not properly packed, were fly and maggot infested and damp / wet.

WTO and AMO cited that they were booking agents, have contracts and waivers and are not responsible. Fair enough. The PH, Ruslan, is reported to have said that he can replace the trophies. He's gone very quiet about the whole thing. We don't want someone else's horns on our wall, you will understand that. It would be a total waste of time, energy and cost to challenge the German State Vet's office and the trophies and crate have been incinerated in the meantime.

We will frame a couple of the better trophy photographs that we took and hang them on the wall.

Great shame, as it was an amazing adventure despite the admin and trophy screw ups.

You live and learn.


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Shit that's a shame mate. Just read the hunt report last night.

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I'm very sorry to hear this. I suppose you'll never know what went wrong.

From your photo (below), it looked like the prep work was being done thoroughly.

(Photo taken from Charlie's original hunt report, here: http://forums.accuratereloadin...036/m/6081079352/p/1 )
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Hope you didn't pay them to 'destroy' things.

Screw 'em, they're desires wouldn't add to my
costs no matter what.

Sorry to hear this Charlie.


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Damn Charlie, sorry about that. Losing a trophy like that would make me sick...

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That is just terrible! Heartbreaking!
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I guess there’s always pictures but honestly there are some species that are just plain special and are worth becoming mounts. I’m going for 2-3 tur species this year and can’t imagine only pictures. The responsibility rests on the shoulders of the outfitter selected and sorry for your terrible experience.
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Sounds terrible and sorry to hear.
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Germans are like that. I've had clients bringing tanned Zebra skins through Germany only to have them seized by agents. I guarantee you they stole them...because they could. This totally sux Mad

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Very sorry to hear that!

Who did the importation?
It is quite unusal to ship trophies without checking the scanned paperwork before the trophies leave the country. And even then you have normally a few month to get it sorted unless it is obviously unsortable.

As you know I organize hunts and import many trophies to Germany and that is rather unusual.


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Sorry to hear that, I am with you not want someone else's animal on the wall.
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