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In search of a better homepage...
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How do I change my start-up page to something else? I have Yahoo! right now, and it has a bunch of icons for facebook, twitter, et cetera on the left side. I continually drag the cursor over these things, and I get pop-ups for these sites that I have to X out of to get away from them. Very annoying! I want a page with a bit of news stories on it for a quick hit of news before the serious websurfin' begins. What do y'all like to use as a homepage? And how do I change to a new one?
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is mine,

on most websites there is a "make this your home page" button.
or on MSN Explorer to set it, find "tools" menu then "internet Options"

Type in the new link in the box.

then hit "apply" at the bottom.

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Yahoo lets you design your own pages. Just about everything can be removed, moved, or put on a different page of Yahoo.

Yahoo homepage lets me glance at 50 or so up-to the minute stock prices, the local weather, the news, some conservative commentators,sports, international news, and Forex prices. the Yahoo mail is excellent, having its own virus detector. Nothing about Facebook or twitter.

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You can get the old Yahoo home page here:

Of course I can't say it will stay forever.

Go into your options or preferences to change your home page.
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