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404-375 Now with pics!
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Hey Boomy,

I thought you might want a flanged version of your .423/.375 to go with your belted version so here it is.

The Chamber:

The Cartridge:

I’d think this could be built on the same frame as the standard .375 Fl. Mag. N.E.? If it so ought to make a nice light trim free swinging DR. Also would make an equally nice single shot.

I did run QL for the .423/.375 Fl. Mag N.E. with its 47137psi Pmax (MAP) and was able to run the 2150fps – 2200fps with a 24” barrel length using the 400gr CEB Safari Solid, the slightly shorter 387 GSC FN was worth another 50fps – 75fps at the same pressure level. I ran the matching 375gr CEB Safari Raptor which easily produced 2300fps. I did not run any of the lighter weight CEB brass bullets nor did I run any C&C bullets.

For a longer ranging copper HP spitzer bullet, I ran the 320gr CEB MTH Multi-Band and the 320 GSC HV, both easily produced 2500fps at identical pressure.

I reckon one would have to identify the optimum loading since it’s primarily for a DR. So what to use? Not sure so since it has a 24” barrel, and the barrels will be thin compared to a bolt or single-shot rifle I’ll try “barrel time” which for the above Pmax settles down to Node 7 or 1.434ms. And yes I played with 25” and 26” barrel lengths but both stayed with Node 7 and there was no performance gain. Now juggling through the powder table for a 100% or slightly compressed loading with 100% powder burn, or at least as close as possible, resulted in the following powders being identified:
24” Barrel = 1.434ms BT
BT = Barrel Time
FR = Fill Rate
BR = Burn Rate

Primary Results = FR
Vihtavuori N150 – 71.76grs @ 98.8% FR = 2178fps & 4213ft-lbs @ 44387psi = 99.77% BR
Hodgdon Hybrid 100V – 75.49grs @ 101.4% FR = 2201fps & 4301ft-lbs @ 42356psi = 98.84% BR
Alliant RL-17 – 75.6grs @ 93.6% FR = 2246fps & 4480ft-lbs @ 41370psi = 98.8% BR
Accurate 4350 – 76.83grs @ 99.8% FR = 2247fps & 4483ft-lbs @ 43432psi = 97.7% BR
Vihtavuori N550 – 75.48grs @ 96.0%FR = 2231fps & 4420ft-lbs @ 43078psi = 97.3% BR
Norma 204 – 77.63grs @ 97.7%FR = 2183fps & 4234ft-lbs @ 42561psi = 91.3% BR
ADI AR2209 – 78.02grs @ 101.9% FR = 2185fps & 4240ft-lbs @ 42213psi = 90.94% BR
Primary Results = BR
Accurate 4064 – 70.35grs @ 93.4% FR = 2234fps & 4434ft-lbs @ 46760psi = 100% BR
Norma 202 – 65.8grs @ 86.9% FR = 2180fps & 4220ft-lbs @ 44973psi = 100% BR
Vihtavuori N135 – 66.57grs @ 95.4%FR = 2169fps & 4180ft-lbs @ 45245psi = 100.0% BR
ADI AR2219 – 61.4grs @ 77.3%FR = 2159fps & 4140ft-lbs @ 44367psi = 100% BR
Hodgdon H322 – 61.4grs @ 82.2% FR = 2159fps & 4140ft-lbs @ 44367psi = 100% BR

Anyway, I’m not sure how important this BT stuff is to DRs considering the odd manner in which they’re regulated. Perhaps it’ll make regulation easier. Perhaps it means nothing.

Jim coffee
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John Wayne
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Those Numbers look pretty good. I like the idea of this on a light double the size of a 375 flanged with a second set of barrels. 375 flanged for PG and 404-375 flanged for tougher animals. Thanks tu2

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I don't know that the 375 Flanged would work any better on PG than the 320gr CEB MTH MB or the 320gr GSC HV bullets from the 423/375 Flanged. Maybe not... Maybe so...

Hum...just ran the numbers for a 250gr Barnes TTSX in the 375 Flanged and its looking about 2500fps - same as the 320gr .423 CEB and GSC... So likely not...

Jim coffee
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John Wayne
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Originally posted by boom stick:

Being that we are bastardizing two English carts together 404-375 does not seem that bad.

I like your thinking.

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