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Does your dog bite?
That is not my dog.

Not my tiger either.
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Tiger? Who cares!
Let’s see some Houston cougars

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About 18-20 years afo a freind of my son had 2 Bengal Tigers in a large cage out back with a run + an enterence where they could sleep with him at night. (not the kid!!) When he was dying from liver cancer his girlfriend with her new boyfriend was looting his house for anything of value while he was laid up in the hospital; + had no intention of feeding the tigers, even though he had a freezer full of chickens. My son told me of this when it was happening + his buddy said he could have the tigers + cages, etc. I told him, not only no but Hell NO! You now have 2 tigers that have not been fed for a few days, pacing the cage; call aminal control or the exotic sales folks in Lampassass. One would hate to have to put them down; however, one would hate to have 2 hungry Bengal tigers loose in the Texas Hill Country.

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