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drum magazine for a 1911
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I have heard of 25 round drum magazines for the Colt 1911 .45 acp. What do you know of them, if they are available, new production or antique, plastic or metal, etc...?

I think it would be a fun thing to add one to my 1911 and play.

Your input is appreciated.


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Most I heard is that they are unreliable.

but each to their own.
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Tommy gun?
Chicago Typewriter?
Trench Sweeper?
That is a better drum fed 45 ACP spitter.

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I understand that the snail drum mags for the P-08 in War 1 were dependable however I have found that the drawback on the P-08 , although a beautiful piece, EVERYTHING had to fit perfectly for premium function. Another case of Teutonic genius + overengineering.

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I've had the misfortune of trying to make to of them function properly.
Guy brought in two of them to the shop I was working in.
Neither would feed. Neither would feed when they left.
Spent too much time on them for what it was worth.
I believe the springs were the main problem. Too weak to push all those rounds
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I'm in a bullseye club (with dwindling participant). The last of the three matches back then was 45. For a joke one of the guys showed up with one of those extra long mags, I think it was a 20rounder.

I see they sell 10 &15rnd as well as the drum.
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turns a handgun into a bulky thing having no resemblance to a handgun - kind of like what blaser did to rifles
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