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i heard a california outfit called float bought ravens service to the villages has anybody heard when they are going to start - we're hoping to get to aniak 3rd week in august
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"Wright Air Service of Fairbanks purchased four aircraft, along with Ravn facilities in Barrow, Deadhorse, Galena and Fairbanks, for $12.8 million."

Wright is excellent.

"In Bethel, Grant Aviation spent $10.3 million to buy 15 Ravn aircraft and the air group’s Bethel facilities."

"A Southern California firm, FLOAT Shuttle, has bought six of RavnAir Group’s largest planes and its Part 121 operating certificates, which would allow it to resume regional air service in rural Alaska.

Float Shuttle offered $8 million for the six Dash 8 aircraft and two certificates after they failed to sell at auction. FLOAT Shuttle didn’t bid on any of Ravn’s ground services, and McKinney said ground support is among the issues that need to be worked out before flights resume."


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In the past Grant leaves a lot to be desired. Many, many cancelled flights not weather related.
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Originally posted by crane:
In the past Grant leaves a lot to be desired. Many, many cancelled flights not weather related.

I have flown with Grant for their entire existence here in Kenai, I have Never had a cancelled flight except for high winds or fog. Here lately (now being the only carrier & tourists)getting back to Kenai has been a challenge. To Anc. @ 05:00 no problem tu2
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Glad to hear that Wright Air Service is adding a bit. They are top notch. Flew in their Helio-Couriers.
Excellent aircraft. Anyone flown up near Wien Lake
SW of Nenana?-90 air miles due North of Denali.
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