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Is Clint Eastwood tougher than Chuck Norris?

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21 March 2019, 09:16
Is Clint Eastwood tougher than Chuck Norris?
As we all know Clint was always loyal to actors that he worked with on a regular basis. Sandra Locke,Pat Hingle.Geoffrey Lewis + the black dude in the 1st Dirty Harry movie etc.The scene there that pitched him with his little speech on the 44 mag
(we all know it)that threw him into superstardom overnight.He would however NEVER use the actor that played The zodiac killer in Dirty Harry.His acting career died right there,almost as much as Tony Curtis's did after doing "The Boston Strangler".Must have pissed him off.

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16 October 2019, 16:06
Can I choose Lee Marvin?
05 December 2019, 15:42
cal30 1906
Clint would have just shot him....

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06 December 2019, 08:28
Kinda reminiscent of that scene in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" where that tulwar waving berber is blocking Indie's path so with a pained expression on his face he just shoots him. I love that scene.

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07 December 2019, 02:14
There is the rumor that the boogy,an checks under his bed for Chuck Norris. However, Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Client Eastwood.
15 January 2020, 11:44
Hey now, what about James Coburn in "Duck You Sucker"?

HaHa, short fuse.

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28 January 2020, 03:35
I like Clint, but

Chuck Norris was in the Air Force. And he was actually a world class kickboxer. He was super quick. Bet he'd draw faster than Clint.

Lee Marvin was a Marine, and actually fought in the Pacific campaign in WWII.
29 January 2020, 06:59
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To answer your question-yes. Big Grin
29 January 2020, 09:23
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08 February 2020, 20:09
boom stick
Having met Clint recently, (we live in the same area) I would wager that the fitness salesman Chuck would whoop him today. Back in their prime? I give it to Chuck. Clint has the reach but Chuck has the speed. I would rather hang out with Clint for beers and ask him many questions as I think he would be more interesting than Chuck although Chuck would be a blast to ask questions as well, like “Who was the best lay” or “would you beat Bruce Lee in a street fight.”.

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