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Canadian Pike/Walleye Trip
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I have a trip scheduled first week of August for Lake Seul. I am in the dark what equipment to buy for fishing. My fishing experience is all ultra light trout and panfish in PA. Also all my equipment is ultralight.
Any suggestions on suitable spin tackle and lures would be appreciated. I have been told short rods, long rods etc. Right now I plan to get a Shimano Sustain and a 7 foot two piece medium light rod. I was told to use 10 pound line. Good combination?????
Is there any fishing tackle supplier out there like Midway is in shooting? I have a Cabelas catalog but they seem to focus on their house brand. Thanks for any advice! Confused
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For Walleye your spinning rod and 10 lb line are fine.

For Pike I use a casting rod with 20 lb. line. I like at least a six and a half foot rod.

You will need a wire leader about 18 inches long for either fish. The Walleye leader might be a lighter guage than the pike leader. Extra strong snap swivels are a must.

You can use your spinning rod for Pike also but are unlikely to use the casting rod for Walleye.

I take two casting rods and two spinning rods - primarily to have two lures at the ready on each type. With Pike it is always possible that they will wreck your reel so the extra rod is good in that regard also.


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On the walleye, it depends how they fish at your location. Most of the places I've fished (pickeral as we call them) I have used a 7 foot uglystick rod, 8 lb test line and tended to use a jog and a minnow without a leader. If trolling, then a bit of a leader and a bit more stout rod. You can catch pike no problem with a 6.5 foot medium action rod, but a bit stronger line and a short wire leader. The issue you will find is they live together, so use the medium action rod.
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If you go with a leader or snap swivels for walleye, plan on catching 1/2 as many fish opposed to going sans leader when walleye fishing.
Tie your jig directly to your 8lb mono line and you'll have much more success.
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I never use leaders for walleyes; for pike they are just about mandatory.

Most spinning gear works perfect. Bring a good selection of 1/4 to 3/4 ounce jigs, with the majority being 3/8 and 1/2 ounce. Jig and a minnow is really hard to beat.

For pike, most Rapala minnows work well. Thundersticks are also good for both pike and walleyes.

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I've got a pile of rods but spend most of my time with a few.

An old Shimano V Series for the lightest of jigs. Its 5'9" and rated 1-6 pound line. Its strung with 4 pound and a Shimano Stadic 1000 Series.

G Loomis 721,IMX strung 4-6 pound, 1000 Series Stradic.Main jiggin' stick

A couple G Loomis 722s for rigging,and in a pinch any species and any technique. I've ran jigs, dragged bottom bouncers, chucked spoons and cranks and just about anything you can do with a rod in freshwater. Ones a custom on an IMX blank, the other a GLX. One has a 1000 Series Stradic, the other one of those super light 2000 series.Spooled 8 pound. Pulling a mental block on the name, and I'm not going to untarp the boat to find out.

I've settled with 2 main baitcasters, a 723 GL3 for heavy spoons, and cranks. It also sees a lot of duty on bottom bouncers even if it isn't ideal. It wears a 300 series left handed Calcutta even though I'm a righty. The other is an IMX 845 with a lefty 200 Series Calcutta DC TE. This is my only experience with electronic casting reels but my eyes have been opened. Both are spooled 14 pound.

I don't know walleye fisherman worth his lemon pepper that uses a leader.
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We had a blast. We averaged about 75 fish per day with most 20 Inches +. My first fish was a 7.5 pound walleye. Lots of small northerns and lost jig heads to northerns but superb walleye fishing. We stayed at Silver Water Wheel Lodge and I would really recommend it. Check out their web site!
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I have done a numnber of these trips. Your current rod/reel combo will handle 95% of what you will encounter on your trip. I agree with the advice above that you it would not hurt to have different rods/reel combo for walleye versus northerns. For walleye, the lighter the line the better - I would go 6-8 lb test but it is a matter of personal preference. Based on our last trip, I highly recommend trolling with worm harnesses for walleye. BassPro has a great selection. The worm harnesses, by far, outfished everything else we used. Bring lots of them because you will lose them to Northerns, they break, tangle. etc. I also highly recommend that you bring a fish finder with you if your outfitter is not providing you one. This saved us a lot of time.
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