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Kazakh Eagles
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Those Pics are stunning. Great article, thanks for taking the time to share.
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DM did another related story. Check it out, this young lady is unreal.

The Golden Girl

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We just saw the 90 minute documentary of this. It's outstanding. The cinematography is stunning. The story of a Father's love for his daughter will bring a tear to your eye.


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I am glad I ran across this thread. My wife and I watched The Eagle Huntress this morning and enjoyed it a lot. It was neat because our daughters are adopted from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. We loved our adoption trips to Central Asia. My wife has always had an interest in falconry and wants to get involved someday. Difficult/impossible to do with kids at home, so she is looking at getting started with a master falconer in a few years when our youngest daughter graduates high school.
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I have to laugh while reading this thread. I was fortunate enough to witness an "eagle hunting festival" last fall in Mongolia. Too much reality to type.
Let me say the TV is heavily edited. Real life if actually quite funny. As in, the eagles are starved to comply, the eagles fly away often and the eagles are trained on captured wild fox. Also, I am amazed that anti-hunters are so excited about captive eagles catching captured animals for sport but are opposed to sport hunting. The world is a wonderful place!

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