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Knives of Alaska
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Your thoughts, good bad worth the price?
Would u buy again, or are there better knives for the price out there.

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I had a "Light Hunter Combo"; the small knife ("Cub Bear") was good, but no better than a Buck 110, if that good.

The "Light Skinner" was useless. I tried to skin a few pronghorns with it, and the gut hook clogger up with hair instead of slicing right through it, and the blade edge is too thick to use.

A Buck 110 is a better knife for a lot less money.


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I can't comment on the knives of Alaska, but the Buck 110 is one of the best bargains in knifedom, especially if you find one used when they can be bought quite cheaply.

Cabela's has/had a Buck 110 (look under Alaskan Guide Knives or something similar, this is from memory) with a S30V blade for around $70 heat treated by Paul Bos. It is a great bargain. The only problem with the 110 is they are somewhat heavy for my tastes but, again, for the money are very hard to beat.

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I have a KOA Jaeger Boning knife.

It's a great knife for gutting skinning and quartering deer. D2 steel appears to be perfectly heat treated. Stays sharp forever.

The sheath for it is a POS.
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just bought a Bushmaster combo for $90 closeout at Sportsmans Wharehouse. Big fixed blade and saw. Haven't tried them yet . Got them to carry in backpack.
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I picked up the light hunter combo a few years back and so far it has worked out pretty well. Hindsight being what it is I would just buy the Cub Bear next time around. The Light Hunter could be replaced by a small ax in the back pack.

The high carbon steel holds a great edge. I was able to dress out 3 white tails without having to sharpen it. The only down side with is that rust and staining can be a problem if you don't clean the blade shortly after use. Before I put them away for the season I give them a light coat of gun oil to prevent any rust during the off season.

I like the sheath and thought that it was put together pretty well.

Now for my favorite knife, it has to be a drop point that I bought from Rapid River Knifeworks in Rapid River, MI. I guess that there's nothing really special about it other than it holds a razor edge real well and I love the way it looks.
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i like the KoA.. i have the great big ole set, and the guide knife.. I still haven't found my perfect working knife, yet... but the largest buck fixed they sell and an old timer are always with me in the field.. it used to be a bear MMC 3" guthook.. but it's too short to effectively reach the heart of a downed pig... trust me, that DAY i bought a longer carry knife


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I have a K of A whitetail, a buck vanguard and a Puma Skinner.

The K of A is my least favorite. The Puma beats the other two 10-fold. The Puma is a very nice knife with a great feel, edge holding ability and blade shape.
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I've been using their light hunter for about a year and IMO KOA are some of the best knives out there. I paid $125 for the light hunter at sportsmans warehouse, and if I ever need to I'd do it again. But losing it is about the only way that could happen because they have a life time warranty.

I had originally wanted a light hunter combo (light hunter and the caper) but they were sold out so I had to settle for the light hunter by itself. Then I picked up a caper by itself later, yesterday actually. Now I just need to order the sheath to put the two together.

The KOA are quality knives that you'll be able to pass on to your kids, and they to their kids.
They hold an edge well. I used mine to skin and gut 16 deer this last season and find it indispensble once you get used to it's unique shape.
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Why are all "Knives of Alaska" made in Texas?

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My wife got me the big set with the clever and a small knife..stag handles. I have had it for 10 years or so...holds an edge good. About all the clever is good for is splitting bone or cutting heads off after you cape. Over all I would say they have good blades, but fit and finish is average at best on the scales. My favorite knives are made by Raymond Koon at . I prefer a light knife...smaller than most. They don't wear you out as fast. I have spent many a night at the locker, where 3-4 of us would skin and bone 30-40 deer/night. A heavy knife was just not practicle for this. I don't like big bolsters or whatever they call those "hand guard tangs" either...just more weight and crap in the way.
Jeff, I am thinking of hanging a larger knife from that belt I bought from you...maybe a bowie or large skinner around 12" OAL. This is for larger game (Africa). Not my regular mass Whitetail cleaning. I really like the damascus look and bone or ivory scales. If anyone has such a knife, without the sword-like hand guard...PM me.

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I've taken a knife to Africa 6 times. I have yet to use one over there.

I notice all the PHs that I've had all have little (maybe 6") knives.

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