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To all those that didn't return, those that were injured and will forever have to face those horrors, I shall always remember and show my deepest respect. But to all of you that served I thank you and God that you were there when called, and only pray that someday standing guard will be all that is necessary.

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Doug Wilhelmi
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A story about starting a new job.

On USMC birthday,

When I moved from NYU Med to SIAC in 1994 I was told it was a sweat
shop. I started work in November. Everyone still wore a suit back then.

I'm sitting in my cube one morning and my boss, Gene taps me on the shoulder, "Conference room" he says.

Just about the whole floor was walking to the big conference room. I
turn the corn and walk in the door, there's a big sheet cake on the table,
Canoli filling of course. 3 or 4 guys standing up front.
I remember Bob & Gerry.

Bob has a Kabar in his hand, the other have there shirts open and ties
pulled aside. Under the tie I see USMC logo tee shirts.

Bob starts his spiel, takes the knife and starts cutting up the cake.

Right there I decided I was in the right place.

Rich J.
USAF 1980-84
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My great uncle Lee Shively fought in the trenches with the AEF + told me a few stories when I was a kid. I wish he had told me more. That source is long gone now.

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God bless our veterans!

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We owe them a debt that cannot be repaid.
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The three newscasts below are Joyce's Father four years ago. He just had his 98th birthday this year and Joyce is back in PA spending a month with him.

Hunt Reports

2015 His & Her Leopards with Derek Littleton of Luwire Safaris - http://forums.accuratereloadin...6321043/m/2971090112
2015 Trophy Bull Elephant with CMS http://forums.accuratereloadin...6321043/m/1651069012
DIY Brooks Range Sheep Hunt 2013 - http://forums.accuratereloadin...901038191#9901038191
Zambia June/July 2012 with Andrew Baldry - Royal Kafue http://forums.accuratereloadin...6321043/m/7971064771
Zambia Sept 2010- Muchinga Safaris http://forums.accuratereloadin...6321043/m/4211096141
Namibia Sept 2010 - ARUB Safaris http://forums.accuratereloadin...6321043/m/6781076141
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They deserve all our respect.

They answered the call of their countries.

And paid the ultimate price.

These are the heroes we should never, ever forget.
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