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Originally posted by jdollar:
Originally posted by TomP:
Originally posted by jdollar:
I know for a fact they get free health care in CA. They just show up at an ER and whatever needs attention gets fixed for free. I’ve seen it way too many times…..

Works the same way for Anglos...

The difference is the Anglos paid the taxes that support the free healthcare. The illegals didn’t…….

Nobody at their income level pays much in taxes except Social Security and Medicare if their employers do what they're supposed to.
I've recently become informed as to the list price of a coronary artery bypass graft operation and the bottom line brought me up short.

Holy Smokes...


Our country, right or wrong. When right, to be kept right, when wrong to be put right.

Carl Schurz (1829 - 1906)
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one of us
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I run five crews of Mexicans for the roofing contractor I work for.

They show up early, work harder than anyone, and only want me to find them more work.

Without them, your roof would 4 times more expensive and would take three days.
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one of us
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There's the old story about you take 3 races; Mexican, Negros, + Whites + you take them individually out to a job site with the only instruction is to remove this tree. The Mexicans will hit it hard + fast, up one side + down the other, tearing it in to toothpicks in record time. The blacks will try to root it up by brute strength, + the whiles will stand there looking at it + discuss the feasibility of forming a committee to build an axe.

Never mistake motion for action.
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