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9 x 57 Mauser
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Is my German 9 x 57 Mauser considered a medium or small bore? I've a beautiful Sauer and Sohn bolt action rifle and a case of Kynoch ammo I inherited from Dad.
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I have to ask, why is that categorization important?
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Why important? When extolling the virtues of my rifle I need to put in correct forum
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Your instincts were right DR. Charlie. Now tell us about your rifle!

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medium .. and a fine one it is

opinions vary band of bubbas and STC hunting Club

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This cartridge should be fine pork slayer and is very similar to 9.3x57 https://www.norma-ammunition.c...-57-232gr---20193092
I would not hesitate to use it on moderate distances for hunting moose.
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I have a 9.3x57; perfect rifle to shoot hogs from a bow blind with iron sights Smiler

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Originally posted by jeffeosso:
medium .. and a fine one it is


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The suggested bore size range for the medium bore forum is right there in the title... Wink
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It was intended as a medium in the .358 catagory
and a fine one it is, Id opt for it over the .358, 345, 35 REm. and others for a brush country deer rifle I suppose.

That said, I don't really understand the term "brush country rifles", Ive seen many good bucks in the thickest of country that were 200 to 300 yards across a canyon or in a fire lane or whatever..But they are sure fun to hunt with love to hunt with my 30-30, 25-35 and 348, even for mule deer..even a 222 on ocassion..Id love to hunt with your 9x57 and I have with the 7x57 and 8x57, I would expect as much from a 9x57..

I guess what Im saying is just give me a gun and tell me go hunt in that pasture and Im good with it. tu2

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