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Pecans under assault!
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This year is no different than the last 30; my two pecan tree's are loaded with nuts. They've been under assault for 3 weeks now by the gray Squirrels who've become insane over the nutty goodness. They get 90% of the mature nuts, I'm lucky to find 4% that are good as the "tree rats" drop all the nuts that are poor quality, half developed or bad to start with. So...this year I bring out the .22 rifle. As of today, their assault continues; I kill one and 50 come to the funeral! Mad All but one have been your typical gray, but one has a blond tail, and a red/brown back. Could be Fox Squirrel in its genes? Possible, but I rarely see Fox Squirrels on my side of the river; maybe one every 10 years. Although I've taken about 30 of their kind, re-enforcement's re-supply daily. The war continues until the last pecan is gone; then they turn their attention to my Walnut tree flame

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Here the squirrels pick the nuts before they are even ripe and eat them. I can't get any hickory nuts because of that. Eat more squirrel!


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Digger squirrels ate everything with a seed in it, this year...


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In my youth, friends sent me classified ad clippings from MS & TX from Pecan groves willing to give room and board along with paying $.15 - .50 per squirrel to hunters willing to come kill them.
I called several until I had 2 months worth of room and board lined up. One rancher offered to send me some gas money to help get me there as I lived about 1000 miles away.


I'm finally reaching the point in life where I'm looking to go back to doing that type of ADC work again. It's a great job for kids and old men alike.

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Between the squirrels + the crows, it's hard to make a crop.

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The reason for the fence around the mental institution is-----to keep the squirrels away from the nuts !

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