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$8,000 for a semi-auto version of the SAW? What on earth would one use it for?

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It's a toy for anyone with $8000 available to waste money on to buy...

All things considered I'd rather have an M1919-A4 BAR, but they are even more money....

Now I will go back to regretting not buying the M1 Thompson
that I was offered for $4500 in the early 80's...

Guess what a Thompson sells for these days...

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if it was 800, we'd all have one ....


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Why do people own Ferrari and Lamborghini cars? Why do people spend $50,000 to hunt elephant and lions? Because they can it is what makes them happy. I would own a semiautomatic 249 SAW for the fun of it and just to add to my collection of modern sporting rifles.
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Meh, a semi-auto belt-fed, that weighs like 30 lbs... for $8k.

I'll pass.
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you mount it on your Ferrari 458 Spyder...
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I know a couple of guys personally who absolutely have unlimited money; it is hard for me to grasp the concept, but it is very simple to them; if they want it, they get it. We have Rock Island Auctions here where all manner of very high end toys come up for sale all the time; you should see some of these guys in action. Eight thousand, eighty thousand, same thing to them.They Just write the check and move on. Whoever said that money can't buy happiness, didn't have any money.
Me, I am, unfortunately, not in that category.
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Originally posted by Bill/Oregon:
$8,000 for a semi-auto version of the SAW? What on earth would one use it for?

Bill, I could not buy one of course, but I did shoot 30 rounds through one and it was lots of fun.

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I got one and I have to say I don't think about it very much because if I do I feel foolish. When I was thinking about it the thought that really pushed me over the decision edge was the fact that Barack and Hillary really, really hate me having it. Then of course I had to have a "lightweight ground mount", another $1200 or so. This thing looks seriously, seriously cool all mounted up and sitting on the living room floor! I'm taking it shooting on Friday, don't know how I will feel about it after that. I'll post a follow-up.

Giving it a little bit more thought, the answer is the same as the answer I once gave someone who asked me "Why do all you Red Neck Peckerwoods carry guns?" the answer being "Cause we can!" Smiler

BTW, it doesn't weigh 30 pounds, more like 17, heavy for a 5.56 for sure but still not ridiculous.

The biggest problem with having it is I now want a semi-auto M240 Eeker

Suwannee Tim
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