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Colt Suspends Civilian AR-15 Production

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20 September 2019, 08:57
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Colt Suspends Civilian AR-15 Production
Depending on the spin, it can be seen two different ways. From what I gather, it’s an economic decision. There are so many other makers out there that are cheaper. They will continue under their military and LE contracts.

Of course, I didn’t want to post this in the PF.

Colt suspending production of AR-15 for civilians

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Marcus Cady

21 September 2019, 03:59
Pretty simple...follow the money...
24 September 2019, 20:55
boom stick
More money for other manufacturers.
I hope it is not a foreshadowing or a trend.

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27 September 2019, 09:00
True, kinda along the same lines when Bush the 1st sold us out in 87 about the assault weapon importation act or whatever it was called, it looked like a good boon for business of American Mfgs so that they would have the lions share of the business instead of the importers; well we know how that turned out. Give the anti's an inch + they WILL take a mile.

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10 July 2020, 23:04
Colt resumes civilian sales:
10 July 2020, 23:08
With so many premium AR manufacturers today, Colt would be the bottom of my choice list. However, I did love the H-Bar when it first came out. Then I discovered Rock River and Daniel Defense. Never looked back...


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