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The Reticle-Tru is an ingenious new tool for reticle alignment.
One of Us
I was recently sent a new tool used to align your reticle so as to be perfectly inline with the centerline of your firearm.
There are other tools out there which serve a like purpose but none that I know of which do it as easily nor one which uses the centerline of the firearm as a reference.

The Reticle-Tru showing the reticle alignment slot, ocular V, and top and bottom pointers.

This tool, the patent pending Reticle-Tru alignment device, was invented, designed, and manufactured by a retired gun enthusiast by the name of Jerry Schmidt.

The Reticle-Tru is precision CNC machined out of Delrin and the machine work and finishing are flawless with all the edges chamfered and not a rough edge or a burr anywhere to be found. The angles are all true and the critical reticle alignment slot is perfectly machined in the exact center of the ocular V and in line with both pointers.

To use the Reticle-Tru on a not yet mounted scope you use the elevation and windage adjustments on the scope to place the reticle in the optical center of the scope. You then put the ocular V on the ocular housing of the scope and secure it there with the included rubber band. The ocular V will automatically center the reticle alignment slot on the ocular lens. Looking through the reticle alignment slot you turn the Reticle-Tru until the vertical crosshair is perfectly in line with the slot.

Now place the scope with the Reticle-Tru gently into the bottom ring halves already mounted on your firearm. Using the top and bottom pointers you rotate the scope and tool until the bottom pointer is directly over the center of the tang. The top pointer should be aligned with the center of the barrel or the center of the front sight if one is present.

It should look like this when all is in line.

You then simply put the top halves of the rings on and tighten them. Make sure the pointers are still centered on their respective reference points.

It's even easier to align an already mounted scope.

You attach the Reticle-Tru to your scope and center the pointers as described above.
Looking through the slot you can easily see if your reticle is perfectly vertical. If it isn't, none of mine were, you then just loosen the rings and rotate the scope until the vertical crosshair is is centered in the slot. Recheck that the pointers are still centered, tighten up your rings and you're done.

The Reticle-Tru works on all scoped firearms and has proven to be an easy and foolproof way to align your reticle with the exact center of the firearm.

The reticle slot is the true genius of this design along with the fact that the only reference points are on the firearm itself.

Having worked as a QC manager at an aerospace machining firm for many years I can say that once a reference point is in close proximity to another reference point the human eye is capable of being remarkably accurate.
What the Reticle-Tru does essentially is extend the vertical crosshair so that it is in fact in close proximity to a spot on the firearm itself.
With a conventional bolt action rifle a very good reference point is the slot milled in the tang in which the cocking piece rides. On a Savage 110 et al that reference point will be the tang safety.
The bottom pointer, as I see it, is by far the most useful of the two pointers precisely because it is in close proximity to the tang or the bolt. The top pointer is useful as well but since the distance between pointer and reference point are more widely separated, parallax and other potential sources of inaccuracy come into play.
I've found that I can align the the bottom pointer with the C/L of the rifle to a very acceptable degree of accuracy.

Mr. Schmidt has taken his unique concept and brought it to life with precision and ease of use as hallmarks.
He is not in full production yet but is working very hard to make these available to all who value good tools to help maximize the precision of their scoped firearms.
He has completed the task of designing and printing excellent instructions and he has sourced professional packaging. He has also been working very hard on the arduous and unrewarding task of patenting his invention. Dealing with Patent Attorneys and endless patent searches has to be difficult and I don't envy him that task.
The Reticle-Tru is in all ways ready for the marketplace and his CNC mills are working steadily to meet expected demand.
I do not have pricing information as of yet but that will be forthcoming shortly when he reaches full production.

Mr. Schmidt's website is,

Here are more pictures of the Reticle-Tru and the instruction sheet.

In conclusion I'd like to say that I find this tool to be one of the finest and most functional tools to come down the pike for quite some time.

Although I have no financial or personal relationship with Mr. Schmidt I am honored that he chose me among others to test and evaluate his invention.
I wish him the greatest of good fortune in this and in his future endeavors.

Stay tuned for the official rollout. I will be reporting on it here and elsewhere.

Thanks for reading this and if I can I'd happily answer any questions you may have.
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One of Us
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well - i just sent him an email to see how quick i can get one
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One of Us
Picture of Heat
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It looks like a good idea. My only concern is that .001 of an inch that close equals several inches at 100 yards. It's a good setup tool for sure though. After you set things up, a plump bob chalk line on a target at 2 or 3 hundred yards will get you lined up nicely.


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