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I've suddenly got the itch to do some big game hunting in Argentina. Thinking Red Deer, Buffalo, Blackbuck and maybe a boar. I've contacted two outfitters that are offering specials and cancellation hunts.
Never hunted or been to Argentina, I'm seeking input and advice on what to look for and to avoid. I've heard that it is better to rent firearms there to avoid problems. Not planning on bringing trophies home. Too expensive and no room for more heads.
Thanks in advance for for your help.
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I’ve spent a lot of time in Argentina hunting, vacationing, and working at a hunting lodge. What Milo said is pretty spot on.

I’ve shot a few stag a buffalo, but mostly birds. Due to export costs, I had my skulls bleached and they now hand around the lodge there. My father has brought back two shipments and they were expensive.

Also, be prepared for good food.

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You all missed a major point. Be prepared for too much food!
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Originally posted by larryshores:
You all missed a major point. Be prepared for too much food!

Haha! You've got that right!

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Friends of mine recommend Santiago @ Southern Lodges.
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If you are looking for a real Red Stag hunt you must first check which areas host good population of free range Red Stag.
The 2 main areas are the ancient Calden woods area in La Pampa & San Luis provinces, and the mountains location in Rio Negro & Neuquen provinces.
Look for these locations and you will find the bests ranches for red deer tags. Period.

Santiago DM
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I second the recommendation of Santiago at Southern Lodges. Been there twice with friends and family. Recommended a half dozen others.
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I’ve spent a fair amount of time in La Pampa for work and hunted there too. Many great estancias. Food and hospitality is superb.
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One of the best hunts Mrs Blacktailer and I have ever been on was a horseback hunt for free range red stag and fallow deer with Algar in Patagonia. Beautiful lodge accommodations in the Andes. If you go plan on spending a day or 2 in San Carlos de Bariloche as well as BA.

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WHAT? No one's mentioned

Dr. Juan Pozzi? He has a place
at La Pampa.


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One thing I’d add is be prepared to make some life-long friends in Argentina.

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