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Smoked Pork Chops
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I haven't done them before, but I like her approach and the way she fills out a tee shirt.

I have had Perry's double-cut. It is truly magnificent.

I used to fish for peacock bass from a fly-in camp on Lake Guri in Venezuela. One night each trip they would prepare double-cut smoked pork chops. I wish I had asked for the recipe. They mention illegal gold mining in this article. Maduro maintains control of the country by letting selected generals in the military participate in the wealth created by illegal gold mining. The generals get rich, and in turn prop-up the Maduro regime.
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That sonds really good. Anymore though I won't fire up the grill or smoker for 2. I generally do my baked potatoes for 1 1/2 hr.@350 then put the 2" chops in + bake for 30 mins. after using Worchester sauce + lemon pepper marinade. Then remove from oven + sear chops in a cast-iron skillet to give the crispy covering. (holds in the moisture as well). And yes, Ken, in addition to her cooking skills presentation; does fill out her T-shirt well, but being a gentleman I never would have noticed had you not brought it to my notice 1st. Smiler

Never mistake motion for action.
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Pork Chops? where???
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[QUOTE]Originally posted by Kensco:
I haven't done them before, but I like her approach and the way she fills out a tee shirt.

Yes, nice ta tas!
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