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That was a long . . . LONG time ago and I am sure all those involved have passed on long ago.

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Originally posted by Big Wonderful Wyoming:

Eh Roll Eyes

Mean's help in Spanish for a reason. It was a shit hole in 1991 when I was in high school there, and it just as bit of shithole in 2020.

I spend a lot of time working on WSMR near Stallion. I'd rather drive back and forth 3 hours one way than stay the night in Socorro.

If you have a choice between a Green Chile Cheeseburger at the Buckhorn or the Owl. Go to the Owl. The Buckhorn is pretty lackluster, that or drive another 100 miles to Hatch and eat at Sparkys. Any of those 3 choices will give you a $6 for $12.

Hell the PicWic gas stations in Las Cruces have a hell of a Green Chile Cheeseburger.

Had Pasole for lunch and red pork tamales and green chile tamales from my Mesilla chef.

Feeling foundered!

All right mister, put out on who your Mesilla chef is. I found the Owl GCC to be completely forgettable -- in the same league with an everyday GCC from Blake's. Have not tried the Buckhorn since the new owners took over. Love me a Sparky's except for the soggy bun. Really like the Oso version in Capitan.

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Blakes is an office favorite, I had forgot about it.

Whattaburger local New Mexico ones anyway have green chile burgers year round. I don't remember that being more than a seasonal thing when I lived in San Marcos.

The Buckhorn likes to put a whole head of lettuce on top of the burger. The problem with the Buckhorn and the Owl is that you are paying $12 for what would be $6 anywhere else. If the Stallion Range didn't have 1000 military contractors and civil servants working up there, neither place would be in business.

We had GCCB's at Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers on Telshor in Las Cruces last week. Was awesome for chain fast food, and I think it was better than Whattaburger (I got the triple).
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went to Freddys here in san marcos awhile back. burgers were great but meat was unbelieveably thin. i think it would take a triple to feed a little girl! tasty as hell but sooooo....small!
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