Anything new in steel shot reloading
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I haven't hunted ducks for a few years so I haven't reloaded any steel shot in the last few years.

Anything new I should know about?
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Not much of a waterfowler, but pretty much everything is going high density (and high $$$). Ballistic Products has a guide that is all steel loads. They also have some packages that include everything but powders to make loads.
For the price of what you can buy steel for, kinda doesn't make sense to load unless you are shooting a lot. High end specialty loads maybe. I probably don't shoot a box a year, so the $14 a box steel works for me.

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lindy Like model7 said. You can find some steel shot and components but for the price you might as well buy factory loaded. Any premium shot like "hevi-shot" is a rediculous price if you can find it at all. I find loading some bismuth is worthwhile as I have several older sxs shotguns that will NOT handle steel. I have them in 10, 16,20 ,and 28 ga and factory loaded bismuth is just not availible in my part of the world. Give it a go, you might learn something
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steel still gets the job done, it's
just everyone wants different new and better.

there are a lot of options now and some good ones that have gone down the road.

I have even seen guy's buying factory ammo and pulling the new shot types from them because it's cheaper to buy than just the shot itself.
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