WAA41 vs WAA410HS wads for the 410
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I have been loading AA hulls for the 1/2 oz 410 on my Spolar. Currently using WAA410HS wads. May soon have access to a large quantity of Remington hulls (gold ones). I know I will need to reduce my powder charge (currently using Lil Gun) but the load data I have seen published lists the WAA41 wad for the Remington hull, not the WAA410HS wad, although the other wads listed for the Remington hulls are the same wads they list for the AA. Are the two Winchester wads interchangeable?

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When Winchester transitioned to the HS hull and wads they claimed that the same load data could be used. I haven't used up my supply of the old style, either hulls or wads so I don't have any of the new to visually compare. I don't know that I'd take Winchesters word for it without a side-by-side check of the wads.
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the HS is more of a straight wall hull, it just has that tapered insert at the bottom.
your putting in enough powder to basically cover the end of the taper and then set the wad down on top.

I would probably not use the HS wad in the Remington unless I cut open a hull and measured the interference fit.
I know using the Winchester orange wad in the rem hulls will raise pressures quite a bit [in 12 ga]
with all the new combinations available I have got so I start measuring components before trying to assemble them.
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Not sure what the issue is. I use HS wads in Winchester HS hulls only. I use the regular Claybuster wads for non HS Winchester hulls and Remington hulls. My Remington's are green however. Not sure what the gold ones are. I do not change my powder charge at all.

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I have loaded over 100,000 .410 shells with green hulls,HS, AA’s old style, black ones. Let’s just say if they make it I’ve loaded it. I mix wad and primer and always add an extra grain of powder to get close to 1300 fps and NEVER had an issue. Same with 12 ga hulls. I have shot all my loads out of Brownings. Not sure if I’d shoot my loads out of cheap pot metal shotgun. I’m not recommending this but it’s worked for me. My friend has had his .410 browning xs pop open a few times because of too hot a load but no gun damage. If you see that I’ve stoped posting you know what’s happened Wink

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