Mec 9000G 20ga.
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I have had my Mec 9000G for over 20 years. Has been a good working reloaders for me if I kept it clean and lubed.

Recently I was having a problem with the advance jumping so hard shot would fly out of thr hulls.

I decided to do a total tear down to clean it and apply grease where required and anti sezie.

When I reassembled it it was still jumping. When readding all the trouble shooting tips it said to adjust the cam nut. I have tried it on every set and it still jumps.

Any one have any idea what I am missing. Proper settings?

I also have a 12ga Mec 9000G and it works very well but is a year newer than thr 20ga model.

Thanks in advance

Big Grin Al

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Call Mec they were very helpful in getting my 9000g properly timed.

Talked me through it on the phone.
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you've probably worn something down to the point some metal has galled.

if you don't get enough help at MEC go to shotgun and look for a thread on MEC troubleshooting by Curly N
or post up your problem on the forum there.
I can guarantee a couple of guy's there know the machines better than the factory guy's do.

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