What supplies for 10 ga BPS to load.
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I have no shotgun press, dies, or supplies. I'm going to have to look to see if I have enough of one kind of hull. I am thinking a #6 load for turkey and then go from there. TIA and Be Well. Packy
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Depends on how much you shoot it.

I would not start reloading 10 ga just to do a turkey hunt or so a year.

The press will run a couple hundred bucks. With this, you need something that resizes.

Either some specific bushings (doubt you will get that right the first ones you buy) or a universal charge bar. Yes, you could hand measure with a scale, but that will add lots of time.

If you just want regular factory type lead shells, then you will need

209 primers (ubiquitous shotgun type, not too expensive) call that $2/100.
Powder- think along the lines of blue dot. Lots of blue dot. (Around 40 grains a shell) say $20/lb
A bag of wads. Probably Remington power piston for lead shot. They can be tricky to find in stores, but no issue online. Probably $10/250.
Shot. With turkey loads, 2 Oz plus per shell, and likely copper or nickel plated. Like $40/10#

If you have hulls, that’s $15-20/100 you save.

You probably will need to buy a intro level shotgun manual. $15

Expect the first 25 or so loads to be cosmetically bad. That’s while you learn how to set your press.

If your first recipe choice is good, then 5 or so shells that you check patterns with...

Then you are ready to go.

Nontoxics will add felt or cork wads to get the stack height right and the shot is exponentially more expensive. The wads are different than the cheap lead ones (same prices, but for 100)

If you are loading to save money alone, just turkey loads won’t break even for decades. (One or two shells a year)

If you want to do it for fun, and have some control over the end product, go for it, I spend way too much time tinkering with shotshell loads... because I enjoy it.
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I have been loading the 10 for 20+ years. I bought a MEC press that is adjustable for 2 3/4 inch to 3 1/2
inch shells. I generally use Remington shotshells and wads. The only fillers I use are for black powder cowboy action loads cut back to 1 1/2 ounces of shot. This allows a AA 12 ga. style black powder shotshell.
It is not any more difficult than loading a 12 ga. Seeing I shoot 75 rounds a month between practice and cowboy shooting. I save lots of money and have shotshells unavailable from a store... like black powder loads in 8 shot. I also use it for varmits, deer hunting, birds and self defense.
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Winchester sells 10gaguge 3 1/2 turkey black box Supreme copper plated load.

That is what I use. Maybe you can source cases from them. Never seen the cases for sale. But worth a call.
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I buy my componets from
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