2.5in shells
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Anyone load 2.5in shells for the older doubles?
Just finished 3 bxs, 16ga, 7/8oz at about 7Kpsi. Excellent load for clays for my English double and Husky hammer guns.
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There's a lot of data about those loads in Ballistic Products literature.

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I have a 2.5" chambered "Screw Grip" BLE by W&S that was retailed by Manton of London. Made somewhere between 1896 and 1904. Weighs only 6 lb 2 oz w/ 30" barrels choked 10 and 24 thou.

Use clear Fiocchi hulls cut to 2.5" with an Xacto blade inserted into a wooden dowl and at a slight angle. Use Fiocchi primers, Solo 1250 powder, Italian Gualandi wads and 1 oz of #7 West Coast shot for the right barrel and 1-1/16" oz of #6 in the left. I roll crimp either a cardboard or clear plastic over shot card to close. To get the shot column height just right I use one Cheerio at the bottom of the shot cup to raise the column up.

This combination is deadly on So Dakota Pheasants, Huns and Sharpies.
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