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I just bought 96 boxes of Gold Medal, AA and Remington Nitro's for $5 each. Some where 1145 fps, 1200fps, 1235fps or 1250 fps. Most were #8 shot a few were 7 1/2's. This was top of the line shells----not he cheap promos. Hard to reload for that price especially with the hard shot.

There were some of the 1300 fps loads for sporting clays. I picked up some of them for dove hunting. 1300fps is to fast for ATA shoots.
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You guys are fortunate to get these deals from Walmart. The stores in my area don't carry any firearms and only a limited amount of ammo at two stores. One store doesn't even sell ammo let alone firearms.

Tom Z

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Bob - - That is a really good deal. With the price of lead shot today I don't think you can beat that price reloading. I am very partial to AA hulls for reloading - they are about all I use anymore.
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What Wal-mart did you buy out?
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