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Looks like the Cards are on a roll again this year, heading for October baseball. How far will they go?

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So far this year the Cardinals have survived on their pitching. The starting rotation and the bullpen have been consistently good. The defense has also been outstanding for the most part. If the Birds want to go very deep into postseason play, their bats have to wake up and perform in the way they're capable. They have been hitting pretty good the last week or two, but that needs to be sustained until the season is over. Cardinal fans have been waiting all season for this to happen. If they had been hitting up to their ability all season, they would already have this season wrapped up. In fact, the hitting has been so bad, Alan Craig was traded to the Red Sox. Last year he was on fire at the plate. This year, he couldn't hit a pitched ball if it was being thrown by a Little League pitcher.

So, how far are they going? The ball is in their court and their future is in their own hands. They can win it or lose it, but either way, they own it.


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at least to the League Championship...
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