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I have a lead on a 1937 manufactured Winchester Model 71. Show some bluing wear, but not much. Bore is very, very good. It is the standard model with original metal butt plate. Rear and front sight are stock. No additional holes drilled. Trying to get an idea of what these are goi g for now days. Thank you for your input.

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One (1936) just recently sold here in AR Firearms Classifieds for $1500.00. However, there were posters who subsequently indicated that it was sold at below value. Might check it out if you haven't already.
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the wear is going to dictate the value as much as anything.
15-1800 would be in the ball park though.
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If you haven't already done so, you should check GunBroker and Guns International, as well as other online auction sites.

They will give you a good idea of asking prices and, in some cases, actual selling prices.


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I have found $1200 to $1500 will get you a pretty nice 71, but depending on condition and year of manufacturer, the long tang early guns will fetch a
a good deal more and in collector condition a whole bunch more. the win. built in peep adds a few hundred bucks to a 71, as does the deluxe grade a lot more..

Better know your business when buying a 71, even a junker will fetch $800 or more these days.

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In my area you would be doing good to find one for less than $1,800. Most stores and gun show dealers are wanting $2,200+.
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