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Gentlemen, I am extremely pleased to announce some of the finest Dagestan Tur hunting in Russia! If you love hunting in the mountains and didn’t think you could afford such an opportunity well here’s your chance. My outfitter aims for 90cm plus trophies with older animals having heavy horns. He is a no nonsense individual who prides himself on not only his animals, but also his in depth knowledge, and the lands he calls home. I can assure you that if you’ve ever been jerked around in the mountains to shoot quickly or taken on a long circular ride this will not be the place that this happens!

Included in pricing: 7500USD 1 on 1 ( one hunter with guide)

6500USD/pp 2 on 2 ( two hunters with two different guides and hunt areas or together)

6/7 days hunting depending of flights

Border Zone permit

Invitation letter for visa application if needed

Rifle permit

Round trip transportation to hunting area after short flight from Moscow

Veterinary certificates

Three meals per day and accommodations while in hunting area

Horses to cover ground while hunting

Caping and salting of hides and cleaning of horns

Transportation of cleaned horns and capes back to Moscow

One Dagestan Tur of any size

Not included in pricing: 2nd tur 3500USD

International travel

Shipping and CITES (1300USD to Canada Aprox)

Unfortunately spots are filling up extremely fast for 2020 and all dates up to October 5 are already filled leaving only the remainder of oct and November 1-11 17-30.

This offer is on a first come first deposit received basis only!

In October one can expect rich chocolate coats without blemishes and November brings the long full hair with beautiful hides also. November hunting can bring snow so one has to be prepared and ready for the elements.

If someone wishes to have a partner to reduce the cost of a 1 on 1 I will allow one person to join my already scheduled dates.

A 2500USD deposit secures dates for 2020 and a later deposit 90 days before scheduled hunt of 2000USD is required and held for second tur and not forwarded until it has been confirmed shot by both parties. Final balance is also paid in full 60 days before hunt dates .

If you have any further questions or want to view this year’s trophies to get an idea, please don’t hesitate whattsap me.

Box 1056, Buffalo point ,mb Canada

1(204) 823 8269
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Hello Dogcat, I spoke to the outfitter and in the last two years he’s only had three international clients and none that were Canadian or American for reference unfortunately. I will be the very first Canadian to hunt with him! It’s possible that you could also be the very first American to hunt with his as well! If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to whattsap me. I’m always willing to chat about hunting.
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Gentlemen, for those of you that have asked for a reference I now do have one and he has hunted with my outfitter once and accompanied his hunting friend on another separate trip. Regarding the hunting lands being leased (rented) for a period of time that is not the case. He owns the lands he hunts on and calls home! This is a tremendous opportunity with someone who not only is a hunting machine but cares about his land an the quality of the animals he’s taking. Once again thanks for looking and we have only three extra licenses available. WhatsApp me for details thanks ))
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