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A question that often comes up when folks enquire about the cost of hunting in Africa is:

What is the total cost including taxidermy and shipping cost going to come to? This is usually the time when price lists, notepads and calculators are pulled out and calculations are made...

Until we get to the part of shipping costs – which is typically when the uhms and ahs start. Why? Because there are so many unknown factors that play a role in shipping costs that it is difficult to give an accurate estimation of what these costs will finally be. Additionally, there have been lots of reports of shipping companies screwing customers over one way or another – either initially inflating the projected costs in the hope of clients accepting these sometimes exorbitant quotes and them earning extra bucks – or underestimating the projected costs – simply to, once the deal is clinched and the trophies are ready for export, telling customers that the original estimation was incorrect and they have to pay up if they want their trophies to be shipped.

CT Safaris and Something Africa Taxidermy have come up with an all in one solution where we can now quote you for the complete cost of your safari, including taxidermy fees and shipping costs at the click of a button.

How does this work?

When you enquire about a hunt with me – whether that be in person, via email or via my website – I enter your details into a purposefully designed APP. You tell me what you would like to hunt, for how long you would like to come and what you would like to have done with your trophies after the hunt.

Once I hit the submit button, you will instantaneously receive two emails – one from me with a quote for the hunting part of your safari and another from Something Africa Taxidermy with a quote for the taxidermy work that you require – whether that be to just dip and pack or mount your trophies.

At the same time this information is submitted to Zingela Forwarders who will separately quote you for the shipping of your trophies to their final destination.

In short, in less than 24 hours (weekdays) you will have a comprehensive quote for your whole safari!

To assist us in testing our new APP, CT Safaris and Something Africa Taxidermy invite AR members to send their inquiries for an African hunt to me via email to or via the Inquiries Page of my website.

We are also offering a 10% discount on both the safari and taxidermy work to the first client who decides to book a safari with us.

Information that I will require for your quote:

Your name, address, email address and phone number
How long you would like to hunt for (5 / 7 / 10 days etc.)
How many hunters?
1X1 or 2X1 Hunt?
Any Observers coming along and how many?
What you would like to have done with your trophies (e.g. dip/pack only, skull / shoulder / full mounts)

Give it a try!


Chris Troskie
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Proper Service CT Safaris
This should do all the Outfitters in Africa
To many got screwed with Shipping Cost until the never want to go back for this Single Reason.

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My professional hunter has been this for years.

I know for certain that my interest is his too.

Total trust.

No questions asked.
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There is a reason I will never use transafrican for taxidermy ever again.

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One of the reasons Something Africa Taxidermy and I embarked on this project:

One of our clients who has been to Africa five times now just got surprised with a massive dip and crate bill and shipping for not too many animals, no CITES animals at all. He showed me his invoice and the time he is done, he will be at just under $8000 Canadian for Dip and pack and shipping He shot a Roan,Lechwe,two impala,zebra so nothing too much. It was a total surprise to him as his other four safaris were a quarter of that price and while he is getting it look into, I can't afford that surprise . And it was with the same outfitter he has always went with.

The above was copied and pasted from an email I received from a taxidermist in Alberta whom I've been talking to about hunting with me. No wonder some folks think they cannot afford hunting in Africa! CA$8,000 (more than US$6K) to have 5 animals dipped, packed and shipped???

We've just done a quote for a client from Nebraska who is coming over next year and the total costs of having a Sable shoulder mounted, a Buff European mounted, a Crocodile flat skin (rug mounted) and a zebra flat skin including shipping is estimated to be under $5,400!

No doubt there are some chancers out there...


Chris Troskie
Tel. +27 82 859-0771
Sabrisa Ranch Ellisras RSA
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Good idea, Chris.

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