WWII Enfield 7.62 Sniper
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I've always dreamed about an original Enfield No.4 MkI (T), but I missed my chance years ago when they were still reasonably priced.
That said, the No.32 scopes and mounts have now been reproduced, and i am considering building a "Faux" sniper.

Okay, so here is my latest dumb thought.

I'm an accuracy snob, my match rifle shooting has tainted me, I'm sorry.
I know some Enfield's were made in 7.62 Nato instead of 303 British.
Would it make more sense to start with something like an Ishapore 7.62 action and build up from there?

I am thinking about the bolt, meaning I assume the 7.62 bolts are different than the 303 bolts.

Lots better 308 cal reloading options. Get a new modern barrel, and free float everything by relieving the stock and handguards.
Use all the same external hardware, so it looks the same, but shoots a better cartridge.

Am I stupid?
Is it possible?

Curious to hear folks thoughts.
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I have owned several of these, and in fact, have an original Ishapore #4 Sniper here right now. Indian #4s are quite rare; they made the #1 design into the 60s, in 7.62.
All Enfields in WW2; those were 303, of course.
If you are an accuracy "snob"; the Enfield platform is not for you. They will never meet the AR standard for accuracy, which seems to be sub MOA.
The bolts are the same for 303 and 7.62 Nato; only the extractors are different.
The mounts for the #32 won't fit a #1 rifle, so using a 7.62 Ishapore won't work unless you make the bases.
So, start with a #4. British converted them to 7.62 Nato, and there used to be kits on the market; I have not seen one for decades. Extractor will be the hard part to get.
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Look up the rifle on Forgotten Weapons. He has a big video about the 7.62 Enfield pattern rifles.

I'm paraphrasing from there- from memory- check the video if you are interested in it.

Apparently the brits tried to make an Enfield into a sniper rifle and it didn't work out in 7.62 in the 50's-60's.

Worked well (for the times) in .303.

They never made them (English) as sniper guns but were planning on using them to arm their equivalent of the NG for reserve purposes in 7.62 (they were fielding their version of the FAL at that point)

They tried selling conversions on the (UK) civilian market, but the Indian arsenal made them as well and India used them for quite some time.

As DPCD said, they had issues with accuracy from a sniper/DMR role.
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I have been intrigued by the L39A1 ever since reading about it in the NRA booklet, "British Enfield Rifles," published in 1990. It was never intended as a sniper, but as sort of a simplified serviceman's Palma rifle.

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