Unique in bore rifles.
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A mate came by the other day to shoot his 12-bore double rifle and get readings from my Lab Radar. Velocity was as expected but the recoil was quite mild. He was using Unique powder. I pondered this a bit and tried it my my 8 and 4 bores (I have sold my 12s and 10s).

Quite interesting results. Same velocity, less powder and less recoil. Less fouling in the bore, too. No signs of excess pressure. I still have lots of shooting to do so I won't publish any data until next summer.

Has anyone else experimented with Unique in a bore rifle? If so, I would be interested in your experience.


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decades ago, I used Unique loading 38 and .357 pistol cartridges. It was good for that, but too many years gone by to remember anything else.

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13.5 grains of Unique with a natural pillow ticking to take up the rest of the volume of the 45-70 case. Bullet was 370 grain lead cast flat round nose.

A powder puff load shot in my Sharps. Hitting a two foot gong all day long at 300 yards.

Pull the trigger, set the gun down, light a smoke, set smoke down and pick up bino's....CLANG!!

Ok, maybe not that long but the load was just under 1000 feet per second.

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Cal, I use it in my Manufrance 16 bore Paradox. Great results with it. I had a choice of using Unique or Blue Dot but I have about 16 pounds of Unique so I went with that. Got the load from Ross Seyfried.
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Unique is what I load in my 12ga Holland Paradox, works great.

I don't have any experience in a bore rifle unfortunately.
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I have used Unique , based on slug loads in Lymann 3rd edition manual.
In my 1868 Greener Bore rifle.
There is internet scuttle about Unique having pressure spikes.
The same manual has SR4756 loads at lower pressure.
It has been discontinued but I have 6lbs and have had good results.
6lbs is about 1000 loads.
Using a custom Svarog Paradox mold.


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I no longer recommend the pistol powders for this purpose; too easy for pressures to spike. There are better choices, like 5744, or more medium burning rifle powder. I have the Lyman cast bullet book too, and have used those loads, but no more.
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Cal, I'm using it in my 16 bore Paradox. Not a "bore rifle" per say but getting great results.
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