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Back in the 70's my wife bought me a Hallmark pen and pencil in walnut. I carried the pen daily and one night in about 1982, the anchor on my boat was stuck and somehow in freeing it up my pen fell into the lake. I bought a replacement the next day--I was spoiled, no other pen had the feel of a Hallmark. Back then the refill was all metal and they were pressurized so that they would write in any position. Then in typical American manufacturing, they cheapened their refill to plastic. They still worked good, but didn't last as long as the old ones. Then Hallmark quit making refills and they will supply an adapter so that Cross refills work. I still daily carry that 1982 pen, 35 years aint bad. Was wondering if anyone has a daily carry pen over 35 years? BTW you can still buy Hallmark pens on EBAY and I highly recommend them.
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Normally I count myself lucky if I can carry a Bic long enough to run it out of ink! Big Grin So, no, no good daily carry. I tried once, when the wife bought me a nice Cross. I forgot to take it out of my pocket when my then 10-year old peer-pressured me into riding the Octopus death trap ride at the county fair and the pen went slinging off into the stratosphere from massive centrifugal force...

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I used to always carry a Parker. I hated Cross pens because they seemed too thin. Now I think that Parker refills cost more than a disposable, plus, I always seem to be able to find free pens at various places, so I use those! Not familiar with Hallmark pens but will take a look!

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Peter--I share your thoughts that Cross pens are too skinny. For me, the Hallmarks feel great and I hate having to use something else.
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