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Needed a tip for my torch. Called them and they will have it in the mail free of charge--no question as to what happened to the other one. Customer Service right there with RCBS and Leupold.
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one of us
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Completely unrelated but another company with simply outstanding customer service is Moen. The aerator on our kitchen faucet went out recently. I called Moen. I spoke to a knowledge, English as her first language, service rep. She asked me a series of questions to determine precisely what unit I had. Then said he had the unit and part identified. Said she would ship me an entire new faucet nozzle, not just the little aerator. Shipping and the part were free. Emailed me a set of step by step instructions to replace the nozzle. The aerator broke on Wednesday evening. By noon on Friday I had the new nozzle installed. I was stunned. We have gotten so accustom to crappy customer service when we get good customer service we are speechless.


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