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Are Andersen windows worth the extra cost?
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I can't compare them to anything but our older aluminum windows(never again). They are vinyl clad wood, double pane, double hung windows. They are 25 years old. A new coat of paint inside and you'd say they were new.
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I have 20 year old double hung and never had a problem. In my area they are the most popular window installed in new or renovation builds.
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The higher end of Anderson’s product line is absolutely worth the money.

I’ve been equally satisfied with the higher end Marvin and Pella windows.

The last time I checked, Marvin had a shorter leadtime on custom orders.

If you want the top end of high-performance custom windows take a look at Woodstone

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Are Andersen windows worth the extra cost?

I would think that the answer depends on where you live. Here in Florida, close to the ocean, windows don't seem to last that long before they get some fogging. A less aggressive climate might be gentler on windows. There are also zoning requirements.

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This I can say about Anderson Windows. They are aggressive marketers! Big Grin
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X 2. They are constantly advertising on the radio. I have never bought their product so I can't say. They do claim to be the best thing since sliced bread. Thermal dbl. panes are a great savings in utility bills.

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