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Sean Connery was at the Cannes film festival. At an after party, Nicole Kidman slinks up to him and says "You know, Mr. Connery, I've always had a thing for older men..."

"Ish that sho?" asks Sean.

"Yes, and I'd love to explore it. Would you like to meet me in my hotel room tonight?"

"Of courshe"

So they meet up later that evening, and get down to business. 20 minutes later, they are both laying there, Connery smoking a cigarette, and Kidman trying to catch her breath.

"My god, that was the most amazing sex I've ever had," Nicole says.

Sean replies, "You think that wash great? Tell you what, cup my balls with your left hand, hold my cock with your right, and give me 20 minutes, then I'll show you great." She's a bit confused, but she obliges. Holding on to his member and balls, she waits 20 minutes as he naps.

Suddenly, he wakes up and ravishes her. If the last was great sex, this is the best sex anyone has ever had. Nicole finally catches her breath to say, "I didn't believe you, but that was incredible."

Sean says, "I'm jusht warming up. Cup my balls and grab my cock and give me an hour and I'll show you what an old man can really do."

No hesitation this time. She has to find out what happens next. She grabs his balls, grabs his cock, and waits. An hour later, the heavens open up as she has the most earth-shattering orgasm a woman could ever have. Maybe better.

After she finally, FINALLY catches her breath. She says, "Sean, that was amazing. I've never felt anything like it. I have to know, what does cupping your balls and holding your penis like that do? Does it make you more sensitive? Give you stamina?"

He says, "Hm? Oh, no. Nothing like that. It's jusht, the lasht time I had sex with a whore from Sydney, she shtole my wallet."
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jumping rotflmo beer Great Story.. May He Rest In Peace!!
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Even as an Australian, I'll pay that! tu2

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Big Grin

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dancing dancing dancing

Never mistake motion for action.
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