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Sting Ray
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Who eats Sting Ray ?How do you prepare it?
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I've only eaten it once after a college roommate had visited his parents in florida and brought one back. He skinned the wings and cut out circles with a cookie cutter. These were then thrown in shake and bake pork recipe and cooked according to the directions on the box. It was a long way from gourmet but actually quite delicious.
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i was told by an old commercial fisherman that it used to be common practice to skin the wings, cut out small circles of meat( yes, with a small cookie cutter) then sell in fish markets labelled as scallops!
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You don't need to skin the wings before you cut your circles. Lay your ray on wood, a pier will work, take a piece of steel tubing, a pole for a tether ball game works best. Ram the steel tubing down on the wings with enough force to cut through the wing. Repeat until you have all you want. Next push the cut circle out of the tubing, a fishing pole will work, but rebar is recommended. Slice the skin from the circles, batter and deep fry.
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My Dad cooked them a few times when I was little, I don't remember anything except they were also circles and he breaded and cooked them in a cast iron skillet like chicken fried steaks.

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