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140 lb. catfish pic
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A friend sent me this photo. Supposedly is a 140 lb. catfish from Lake Texoma in northeast Texas, the kind that divers report at the bottoms of dams, etc.

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definetly a big cat but 140 lbs? I don't know... The guy at the tail is holding it towards the camera to make it appear as large as possible. Big no dought but.....
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So what would you do,,,,,,,cook it,or mount it? I think i'd be calling mirro for a custom frying pan!! Clay,,
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Those fellows catch a catfish that big, I'm not telling them it isn't as heavy as they say it is. ned
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That is a Wels catfish. They are in South America and Europe. The Texoma fish was a Blue Catfish and weighed a little over 121 lbs.
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