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fishing in Costa Rica or Guatemala
one of us
Looking for sailfish, possibly a marlin with some inshore fishing for rooster. Need other things to do if wives don't fish. Looked at Crocodile Bay or Pacific Fin. Would like a lodge that offers a complete package.
Any ideas?
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Quatamala, Casa Vieje Lodge. Probably the sail sail fishing in this hemisphere.
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Fished with Big Bouy charters Guatemala. Had raised about 50 sails in three days and landed 19 of them (could have landed more but was playing with a fly rod). Also landed 30 yellow fin tuna and Five really nice mahi. We only raised one marlin and missed the hook set. Good lodging and great food. I think they told me that late fall was best for marlin but I can’t remember for sure. Brought home fifty pounds of tuna and fifty pounds of mahi. I will probably head back down there after this covid stuff settles down.

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Los Suenos, Costa Rica

Captain Clark Purvis
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