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DIY remote target cams
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Do any of you have any experience making DIY target cameras? I mean the camera you set up in near your target so that you can monitor your shots from the bench. I have seen a few things that people have rigged up on the internet. It would seem to me that there should be a simple camera that you could link to your smart phone or tablet that shouldn't cost too much or be too complicated. If you can fly a camera around on a drone you should be able to sit one down in front of your target.
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Wouldn't just using a spotting scope be easier ? Smiler


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.22 cal. holes out past 300y can be hard to see even with good glass. If there is any mirage running they can be impossible to see. I have often thought a remote wireless cam would be a very handy thing.
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Isn't there a baby monitor with camera that can be used to watch the target and transmits it to the monitor? It might be cheaper and at WobbletyMart. I'm thinking I read that some time ago. Maybe at 24 Hour Campfire? Be Well, Packy.
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A public range is tough. A good scope with an electronic screen would be nice too.
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