JB Bore Compound and Bore Brite
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Are these a good idea to use on a factory rifle? If so, which or both?

A benchrest guy recommended them to me. My primary goal is to reduce the gun's propensity to copper fouling and *maybe* gain a bit of accuracy as a bonus.

My rifle (TC Icon) is plenty accurate, hovering around MOA overall with nine different factory loads.

However, I swear I cannot get all of the copper fouling out of it. I recently tried an entire week of Boretech Eliminator sessions (including leaving it overnight in the bore a few times). It was still showing signs of fouling. I'm using a bore guide, plastic jag, plastic patch puller and nylon brushes, no less. In other words, I'm not getting false indications from the brass involved.
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Use foaming cleaners (Wipe-Out, etc.) for the copper. BoreTech Eliminator works great to get the other fouling (first).

I used to do the Shooter's Choice - KROIL - JB Paste thing which takes forever. Once I scrubbed out all the build-up with JB and so on, to get "squeeky clean", all it takes me to get back there now is

(a) nylon brush chamber and bore with Eliminator -- ten strokes wet
(b) patch wet with KROIL and scrub wet ten strokes with bronze brush + KROIL
(c) patch out with two wet and one dry (KROIL)
(d) foaming bore cleaner if copper seen, then patch wet with KROIL and patch dry before (last)
(e) one oil patch followed by a dry one before storing



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Gets some bronze brushes

I use JB sometimes also
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I've had pretty good luck using the bore paste in my 30-06. I've used enough that I have essentially hand lapped the barrel. At this point it is very accurate and cleaning the barrel is a breeze.

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You probably don't have enough shots through the barrel yet. Keep cleaning with a good copper solvent and keep shooting about 100+ shots is what it usualy takes on even good over the counter rifles.

The brush is the best tool for tough copper. The jag/patch is a great follower. Keep shooting.

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