Where the heck is the Flitz????
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Where in the heck do you find Flitz these days, especially the little tubes of the polish?

I have sent my lovely bride to Wally-World on a couple of occasions only for her to receive the proverbial "doe-in-the-headlights" look. But, such is corporate America these days.

I have gone to a couple of my personal haunts only to get the, "I have not seen that around in a while," line.

Then, I go to Sportsman's Warehouse. This is a can't miss proposition, right? Well, in three outings there, I get the following responses:
#1. It's back ordered and will arrive in about a week. (That was three weeks ago).
#2. What's Flitz? (kinda the same blank stare as Wally-World).
#3. Never heard of it!!!

So, friends, where do you fine your small tubes of Flitz?

May the wind be in your face and the sun at your back.

P. Mark Stark
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one of us
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I've seen it in hardware stores and even grocery stores in the cleanser/silver polish section. Simichrome is just as good, as is Maas. Simichrome is sold where fishing tackle can be found as it's used for polishing spinner blades.
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There is some on E-bay.
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