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Kroil as a gun-oil protectant?
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Firepower 10 CLP (NOT Shooters Choice FP-10) has been working fine for me for the past 10 years now.

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Kroil is great for deep cleaning and is a fairly good lead remover. It is a penetrant, not a preservative (think Liquid Wrench). I use Breakfree CLP for light cleaning and for protection after cleaning. On the outside of the gun I use a small brush saturated with CLP and just go all over everything. Some years back I had several compartmented plastic boxes that I stored small gun parts in (springs, pins, etc) and I gave it a shot of WD-40 to "preserve." After about a year I had a nasty sticky mess in each compartment where the WD-40 had gummed up. That's the last time I tried to use it to protect. Imagine what it would do inside a trigger mechanism! When I first return from the range I give my guns a shot of WD-40 to start the cleaning process while I put away my shooting equipment and have a cup of coffee. It softens the crud and then I clean it as normal using regular bore cleaners and don't use any more WD-40. As a final gesture, I run a patch damp with CLP down the bore and put it away. CLP doesn't attract dust and dirt like oils do. I haven't used ATF fluid on my guns but know it is a decent rust preventative and never guns up. It is basically hydraulic fluid (and, by the way, it works great on oil stones for sharpening your knives). Anyway, it's CLP for me and I buy it by the gallon. I recently bought some CLP Collector from Sinclair that is supposed to preserve for at least five years; it lacks the teflon lubricant and is all preservative.
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old BR formula for witch's brew: 1/2 kroil and 1/2 marksman's (now shooter's) choice. Keeps my barrels nice and shiny throughout the off season, and also during the season which is pretty wet here 24/7/365....especially in a nice warm dry gun safe...........

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What is Kroil? I use Rapid-Tap Cutting fluid. Is this similar to Kroil? I have found this to protect bare steel in seawater for several days (until it gets washed off). I have found it to be an excellent cleaner, even removing copper fouling (but not a magic formula). It is also a very good lubricant. It does dry off after a while ‘though but still protects against rust when dried off. It does not leave a visible film when dried off.

This is my Hornet suppressor, which gets wet from due, condensation or rain every time I take the gun out. It looks like stainless steel but it is not. It is 4140 - the same stuff the barrel is made from. It gets only Rapid-Tap from time to time.

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Using something now called XF7. Great stuff. They're using it in the sandbox right now and it is keeping everything running fine. Some NOLA PD used it during katrina and others didn't the guys who used it - not a spot of rust anywhere. Every one of the officers who didn't had rusting issues.

EEzox is good, but I like the XF7 much better. Works extremely well on rifles like the AR platforms that work better with a wet lube. Doesn't attract dust or dirt, and so far cleaning after shooting is a LOT easier.

I know US Optics is using it for their scopes, and those high dollar items, they must really like it.

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