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Latest thoughts on carbon rings

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27 June 2020, 20:21
Latest thoughts on carbon rings
What are your methods for removing the "dreaded" carbon rings?

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28 June 2020, 05:10
Carbon cleaner, bronze brush and drill motor. Carefully!
28 June 2020, 15:41
With respect to .22rf, my stuff get cleaned after every session with Kroil, nylon brush back and forth in chamber area, then patches:

The fellow who runs Anschutz NA is not averse to regular cleaning, had a great writeup (can't find it now) debunking non-cleaning of .22rf.

Not afraid to use a good quality bronze brush, but borescope sez I don't need it. Know what I'm looking for but never get the dreaded carbon rings. Probably b/c of frequency of cleaning.
28 June 2020, 15:46
I've had pretty good results lately with an orderly combination of Kroil or Hoppe's followed by Flitz on a patch wrapped around a brush. Chuck the setup in a drill at low speed, high torque and move back and forth until satisfied.

It's a pain in the ass. Big Grin
28 June 2020, 17:42
Long soaks of Kroil on a bore mop. I leave the wet bore mop in the bore/throat as Kroil creeps as they say. Leave the rifle muzzle down so that things don't migrate back into the action. Generally an hour or two is all that it takes for really stubborn buildup.

Also, many folks are using ZMax motor oil additive. It attacks carbon quite well from reports. But I have not used it.

More barrels and throats are worn out do to excessive scrubbing. Let the chemicals do their thing and scrub less.


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20 May 2021, 21:07
Ive never had a carbon ring show up??? Have removed them from a friends rifle some years ago..I use Kroil and that paste cleaner?? I still have a jar of that somewhere in the shop, can't recall the
name of it, but it sure works with Kroil..Think I got it from Brownells.

Hipshot hit the nail on the head for me..Its JB bore really good and sometimes I use BLUE GOOP in the mix..

Ray Atkinson
Atkinson Hunting Adventures
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Filer, Idaho, 83328
21 May 2021, 04:46
Is it JB Bore Cleaner Ray ?

22 May 2021, 21:01
For rimfire chambers, I use a .25 or larger caliber bronze brush and spin it by hand while its screwed onto a cleaning rod. I've used JBs and other solvents on the brush as well. I've even chucked the cleaning rod with brush into an electric drill and gave it a go, marking the cleaning rod with tape so I didn't push the brush into the rifling.

For centerfire, every 300 rounds or so, I'll clean the barrel with Hollands Witches Brew and a brand new caliber appropriate bronze brush. It will remove almost all carbon in your entire barrel. I use a borescope before and after with both rimfire and centerfire to see what is actually happening inside the barrel.