Any experience with Hoppe's Boresnake in .257 ?
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I'm wondering if anyone else has used a Boresnake in a .257. I would like to know how it worked for you.

I have a 30cal boresnake and it works fine for clearing oil from the bore before we head out hunting.

I purchased one for my daughters 257 Roberts and used it for the first time yesterday when we returned from hunting.

As soon as it entered the throat there was major resistance. I was worried that the pull cord would break but I saw no option but to continue polling it through. It made it out of the bore but it still took effort even after the brush was clear of the bore.

I looked at the label on the boresnake itself to make sure that it had not been mispackaged. It was marked ".257,6.5mm,.264"

I measured the brush and it is .264 at the tips of the bristles.

I would guess that this one takes 5 times the force to pull through the bore as my 30 cal does.

I won't be using this one again.

I'm wondering what experiences the rest of you have had.


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Some of those multi-caliber boresnakes are like that. I have a few that are tight and takes effort to get through. Big Grin
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I like the boresnake, one pass equals 180 patches, and Im sure of one thing more bores are ruined with cleaning rods than anything else..I use boresnakes all year around, and give my guns a good Wipe Out cleaning maybe twice a year with a steel one piece rod and guide..I know they work, take one on a P dog hunt where you shoot hundreds of rounds a day, that will make a believer out of you...

the first pass thru with a new boresnake takes some effort, then the brush bends to fit...I don't mind one being tight cleans better that way, Ive use a 416 brush in a 375 and had to wrap the cord around a screw driver or whatever. In many years Ive never broke a boresnake..That said some folks can destory a 150 lb anvil with a powder puff...I keep then clean (washed) and inspect them wash them I put all of them in a sock and toss them in the washing machine.

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