Rem 40-X Bore Cleaner
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Does anyone have experience with this cleaner? If so, how did it work?
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i use it i my TC handgun barrels and it is super! n maybe one of the best kept secrets out there.
greatly decreases # of patches needed before you get clean ones.

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I used it to clean 2 handguns today. A 44Magnum shooting full power cast bullet loads, and a .380 Auto with around 100rds fired in it. Both were fouled with powder and bullet material. I wrapped a nylon brush with a patch and commenced.

Both barrels were completely cleaned and had a fine polish to them. Very easy to use and clean up too.
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I`ve heard it is the old "Rem Clean" renamed. If so it is good stuff, be aware it is abrasive though.

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And before it was Rem Clean it was Gold Medallion, a wonderful product and still is one of the best.

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I haven't tried the new "40-X" but acording to a writer-chemist whose work I once read in Precision Shooting, the old "Rem-Clean" contained the same soft abrasive found in J-B Bore Paste. The difference reportedly was that in Rem-Clean the material was suspended in an oil base, while in J-B it was suspended in a grease. Supposedly, the abrasive was about the same grit and hardness (and broke down just as quickly) as the grit in toothpaste.

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