Need Your Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Input
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I’m thinking about purchasing a small RCBS or Lyman ultrasonic cleaner and the parts cleaning solution for occasional deep cleaning of field-stripped pistols. Some of the threads I’ve read on the topic in this forums have raised question/concerns I hope you can address.

1) Will ultrasonics effectively internally clean a field-stripped (not detail disassembled) frame and slide?
2) will this process damage anodized aluminum?
3) will it damage applied coatings - ceracoat, duracoat, Beretta bruniton, CZ polycoat, etc? Any other finishes known to be damaged?
4) how about damaging the white or red dots on sights, safeties, etc?
5) any other pitfalls/show-stoppers you’ve uncovered?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

Best, Jeff
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The one I have states that you are supposed to remove some things more than just a field strip - like removing the grip panels.

You need compressed air if you are not going to detail strip.

That said, mine has not damaged the finish of a glock, SIG, or Beretta factory pistols, with the solutions I have used. The solution is the big issue.
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I have one that I use to clean motorcycle carburetors
and associated other parts , as well as rifle bolts , trigger groups etc. I have never had any issue with surface finishes being damaged or affected in any detrimental way


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Thanks for you input fellers. The shooting range where I work bought a large commercial unit several months back aNd subsequently damaged the coating on a Browning 1911 380 and a Ruger 38 Spec in it. Sooo, I’m a bit reluctant to jump in. I’m considering a Lyman unit and Lyman firearms cleaner so I think I’ll ask them to comment. Thanks again for your advice.

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I have the Hornady 1.2 liter. I only clean(ed) brass with it once upon a time. I found it didn't clean anywhere near as well as a tumbler with pins.

I've never considered tossing in a stripped handgun as I would rather hand clean them.

I would save the bucks unless you are cleaning lots of brass, but sounds like you have that covered at work.


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We actually do clean stripped handguns in an ultrasonic cleaner.

We have one with a tank that is about 2 feet long.

We use WD40 as the cleaning media, and it works great.

We take off anything that is not metal, and so far had no problems at all, and it cleans very well.
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How do you process your Glocks? ;-)
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