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Namibia: Gras Ranch, Kalkrand; Kroonster Farm, Gobabis; and Somali Farm, near Botswana ...


Just got back from Africa today! I shot nine head of game including three Rowland Wards, (Steenbok, Springbok and Blue Wildebeest, all in top ten Namibia as well), two Gold Medal animals (gemsbok and blesbok) and one 15 year old Silver Medal kudu, 49" x 41" wide with four curls. Plus a non-graded Zebra, a Warthog and an extra Springbok for rifle practice. (When in doubt, check your zero. Hundred thirty yard head shot.) And dozens of guineas and doves.

Funniest of all was that I shot the Steenbok broadside with 35grams of number 7s at 30 yards on the way out in the evening to shoot guineas and doves. My PH had to finish him with a knife to the base of the skull.

The people and accomodations were excellent. Best of all was the package price of $3995 for seven days in the field for seven head of game from Ron Bahnsen at Erik's Black Lab Hunting . I upgraded the Zebra and Blue Wildebeest and passed on Impala.

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Second PH and family friend, 56 year old Errol Lambrecht, is an indispensable source of field knowledge.

Namibia and particularly Gras Ranch have quickly become a premier destination for plains game of trophy quality. Owner and PH Janni Spangenberg is very passionate 30 year old man skilled at hunting and game conservation. Successful translocations include Red Hartebeest, Giraffe and soon, Black Rhino. I'm sending all of my head mounts to his lodge for display there. The Zebra rug goes to my new female veterinarian friend here in New York.

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The bird hunting was not what we normally enjoy over dogs, as much of it was done from a truck. Very challenging, but more on that later.

My "number 7 Steenbok" should place in the top twenty SCI. My Blue Wildebeest in the top 35.

All in all, an amazing trip.

By the way, South African Airlines lost my luggage on the way there and didn't deliver it till the end of my fourth day. So I had no guns and no clothes for the duration. Most of the time I used Errol's 7mm or Jannie's .308. On top of that, they overbooked my return flight and rerouted me seven hours later through Heathrow via Frankfurt. Patience ruled the day. My original route was through Jo'burg to Windhoek.

Still, the hunting was awesome.

Wayne Nish

PS: Mike Griffin and Joel Slate are there now, having the time of their lives.

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Good job Wayne! I couldn't get over how big their Blue Wildebeest were there. They have some super animals.

Congratulations on a great hunt.
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Re: The Gras Ranch . . .

I TOLD YOU SO!!! [Razz]


P.S. We want MUCH more information AND photographs!!!
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I was fortunate enough to accompany Wayne while he took a number of his trophies. Words cannot describe the animals he was able to take. His company was top-notch and I truly enjoyed sharing a camp with him.

I will be at Gras for another month or maybe a bit longer, so hopefully I will see some more of you here...and if not this year, next year..!!!

Joel Slate
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