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Zimbabwe hunt with CMS

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17 July 2019, 23:55
Dangerous Dave
Zimbabwe hunt with CMS
I just returned from a fantastic 2 week hunt with Myles McCallum with CMS.
I am back almost 2 weeks so I am finally caught up at work.
The hunt was from June 20th to July 2 with one extra day dedicated to some fishing.
We started in Karunga then moved to Matombo and finished in Nyakasanga.
My wish list included Hippo, Croc, Buffalo and Hyena..
And Myles managed to drag me into position to collect them all.
All three camps were great and the camp and hunting staff were all of the highest caliber.(.585)
We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Gonono to visit a school that I am helping to support; Buzz and Myles were instrumental in helping my foundation get new desks for all the teachers and students.
Most members of AR are familiar with CMS they have an excellent reputation that is well deserved. So please allow me to add my review that CMS is a quality group in every facet of the hunt.
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Dangerous Dave

If your parents didn't have any children chances are you won't either.
18 July 2019, 02:27
Congrats Dave! Matombo is one of my favorite camps. CMS is a class act.
18 July 2019, 03:16
Dave, nice rifle....Dakota? Custom build?
18 July 2019, 04:36
Bud Meadows
Awesome trophies Dave, especially the Spotted Hyena. That’s a gorgeous stock on your rifle too.

Jesus saves, but Moses invests
18 July 2019, 05:10
Thank you for sharing.
18 July 2019, 05:27
Todd Williams
Very nice Dave.

We struck out on the Hyena. Some fine animals you got there.
18 July 2019, 05:33
I have shot a few hyenas but they don't really turn my crank. The croc on the other hand...

Buff looks great.

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18 July 2019, 07:31

Thanks for the write up and photos
18 July 2019, 10:12
Buzz Charlton
Hi Dave

A huge thanks for coming out with us and an even bigger thanks for your Dads trust in southing out the school desks. I cant tell you what a difference it has made to all the kids there!!

Well done on some great trophies- The buff is a beauty! I am glad we managed to share camp for a day or two and catch up after so many years!! Looking forward to having you and your son back for a buff!

ps that is a great Tiger- Myles could not have been with you that day as he is the most hopeless fisherman!!!
18 July 2019, 11:20
Very Nice!

Lovely buffalo!
18 July 2019, 15:45
Well done sir.

J. Lane Easter, DVM

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18 July 2019, 16:48
Sounds like lots of fun. Thanks for the report, good to see these write ups coming in. I check each day to see if a new report has come in. It keeps my dream alive until I can live it out.
18 July 2019, 20:47
Dangerous Dave
Yes it’s a Dakota in .375

If your parents didn't have any children chances are you won't either.
18 July 2019, 21:05

Congratulations on a fine hunt! Motambo is a super camp with awesome sunset views. Great buff and big tiger!

Thanks for posting!


"Up the ladders and down the snakes!"
18 July 2019, 22:35
It looks like you had a great time and got the trophies. Thanks for posting


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18 July 2019, 23:02
I struck out on hyena also. Harder than I thought. Beautiful animals Dave!
19 July 2019, 03:05
Ditto--nice looking shooting iron! Congrats.
19 July 2019, 03:43

Another well done from me. Congrats on a great adventure.


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19 July 2019, 04:08
Good Job! Some great animals you took.

Guns and hunting
19 July 2019, 06:23
Well done. Great areas and great outfitter. Looks like they have an upgraded boat!

JEB Katy, TX

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21 July 2019, 18:59
Very nice Congrats Dve