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6mm tcu
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thinking of new barrel for my contender.want to know if any has played with this round. could be fun .thx for any info
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There are many that rave about the tcu series. Can's say I've heard a bad word.

I shoot Encore, which allows me to choose a 6BR for my 6mm.

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Other than load development it hasn't been fired much (too many barrels) but I've had a 14" 6mm TCU Contender barrel for a few years.

I mounted it with a B & L Elite 3000 2x6 EER scope and with the below load it's extremely accurate......according to my records my best slow fired five round 100 yd. group off bags was .586.

Winch. 223 brass....Rem. 71/2 BR primers....Sierra #7150 80 gr. SSP bullets....28.6 grs. of Varget.

I haven't ran the load across a chrony nor have I taken any game with the barrel.

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There is not a bad choice in the T/CUs. But 6.5 TCU would be my choice in the 14" Contender.

Easy and cheap to reload. Very accurate. Good smack on game up to large muleys.
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I've had a couple 6mm T/CU Contender Barrels over the years as well as a couple 6mm-223 Contender Barrels and a Custom Remington XP-100 in 6mm-223.

All have been wonderfully accurate. In the 6mm T/CU Hodgdon Benchmark was the powder of choice in my barrels with both 55 & 80gr. Bullets. In my first 6mm T/CU Contender Barrel, before the advent of Benchmark I used H-335 with good results with 55, 70 & 80 grain bullets.

I have taken varmints, a couple coyotes and a couple Whitetail Deer with both the 6mm-223 & 6mm T/CU. Yes with proper shot placement and the right bullet the little 6mm's will work just fine on Whitetails.

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I have a 6 TCU Super-14 on a 5-digit SN Contender frame. I have owned/shot/hunted with it since 1982. I is an excellent javelina/desert witetail deer/antelope round. I use NP bullets in mine. It is very accurate and very easy to develop good loads in.

If i was going to do it again, I might opt for a 6.5 TCU, but the 6 TCU is certainly adequate.

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I have had the 6X47 on the .222 Rem mag case for many years. It or the 6X45 are excellent for your application.
It is probably easier to find a used 6mm TCU barrel and .223 or 5.56 brass is less expensive than the .222 Rem mag.
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6.5 TCU is my vote especially if you want something up through a whitetail
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Hello, I have a G2 contender with a 6tcu custom shop barrel. It will shoot just about anything I put in it well. Here in Wa. we have a minimum caliber rule of .243 so it is legal for deer. I've found that in the carbine it is only about 100-150 FPS behind the 243 Win. I think it and the 30-30 AI covers the whole spectrum of what we have to hunt here in Wa. I don't think you can go wrong with it.
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